Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Bimbisara (543 BC to 491 BC)

Historians have considered the reign of Bimbisar during Mahatma Buddha's time. It is likely to be mentioned in the texts of Buddhism, which is a strong reason for this belief. Bimbisara was seated on the throne of Magadha, in the time of Lord Gautam Buddha. The real history of Magadha commences from the time of Bimbisara. This is the time when the political upliftment of Magadha began. He established the Haryak (early Naag dynasty) dynasty.

Political achievements of Bimbisara

Bimbisara was an ambitious and mighty ruler. He was also a skilled politician. He established marital relations to strengthen his position and expanded Magadha. He got  Kashi state in dowry, after married with Kosala Devi, the sister of King Prasenjit of Kosala state. He also got married to Lichchavi Princess Chellana. He conquered the Ang state and got it into his kingdom. Bimbisara was also a worthy ruler. His regime was well organized. He was always trying for the good of the people. During his regime, He had harsh penalties for criminals. Excess of imprisonment, firing from iron, cutting zombies, ribs, and the death penalty was prevalent during his reign. On the wrong advice, senior officials were also removed from the post. He built many roads, wells, ponds, and encouraged literature. He established friendly relations with his neighboring states.

Religion of Bimbisara

Jainism is accepted as the religion of Bimbisara. But it seems that he later accepted Buddhism under the influence of Gautam Buddha. This fact can be a truth because a great description of his life and, political history can be found in the Buddhist texts.

Death of Bimbisara

The first founder of the Magadha Empire, Bimbisara, was died by his son. His son Ajatshatru murdered him because of his greed of throne around 491 BC.